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Load testing tool to record browser and web application activities with ease
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Testing a Web or mobile application with thousands of users in order to detect design errors, bottlenecks or poor scaling areas can be far from easy unless you count with a tool like StressStimulus. This testing tool can load your Web app, bombard it with thousands of virtual concurrent users and provide you with comprehensive reports and statistics about your app’s true performance, the areas that need optimizing, and its Web scalability.

StressStimulus is a full-featured emulator that stresses your website in a comprehensive yet easy way. It will record your app’s activity and will replay it with any number of virtual users, checking their impact on server infrastructure. Thus, Web and mobile developers will not need to wait until they have enough real user statistics to check which areas need improving or which tasks are slowing down the entire app’s performance – this tool can measure, record, and analyze all these data in a virtual yet realistic environment. It can also point you to those bottlenecks or weaker areas that require your assistance in order to optimize the overall performance.

Test cases are fully configurable, and they can be designed using the program’s Test Wizard. You can create new test cases (or modify existing ones) for various Web browsers, mobile devices, or other non-browser applications. The program will list you all the targeted hosts, inform you about the content types, and will let you decide on the load pattern, the test duration, and the think time of the entire process. After a short while you will be presented with a Test Run Dashboard, where you can see the data being collected by the text in a graphical way. Once verified, the test results will appear in a comprehensive Test Summary with all the details of the test run, the test iterations, the requests, and – most importantly – an overall result, including a Pass/Fail Status. Tests can be run on a single machine, in various load generators, or on your private or public cloud service.

You can go deeper into your app’s responsiveness, though. You can see detailed information about any element using the graph, grid, and document views. You can study sub-reports on specific links, detect performance vulnerabilities by comparing waterfalls of a given page to spot differences in responsiveness, and ask the programs concrete questions about your app’s overall performance, such as the number of users that your site could really handle.

StressStimulus has been designed to be of help to all Web developers, regardless of their skills and experience. Beginners will welcome the above-mentioned Test Wizard to design and run their first load tests, as well as the workflow-based UI to follow every-day productivity of their web sites. More experienced users will benefit from the program’s script editor to modify the StressStimulus XML script manually. Whatever your needs are, you will find StressStimulus an excellent load testing tool, both for its ease of use and the comprehensive performance analytics it provides.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Wizard-driven interface
  • Extensive analysis reports
  • Configurable test cases
  • Graphical test dashboard
  • Detailed test summaries
  • Can work as a Fiddler add-on


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